Deborah de Oliveira

Fifth Grade is the perfect place to nurture a love of learning! God has blessed us with the privilege, challenge, and responsibility to learn. Reading and writing are my specific passions and fifth grade is a natural place to get lost in literature. I first fell in love with reading when my elementary school teacher introduced me to The Chronicles of Narnia, while attending a mission school in the Amazon Rainforest. Since then, the explosion of quality children’s literature has been exciting to explore. I also enjoy travel, diversity, math, and animals. I am married to Cezar and have four children. Our oldest is majoring in biology to become a doctor and our second daughter is studying physics at Wheaton College. Our two youngest are in high school. My students over the years, who originate from every continent in the world, have taught me more than I could imagine. Now, it is truly a thrill to launch a love of learning from my HCS classroom!